You are Unique – One size does not fit all

One absolutely essential thing to understand when it comes to life, happiness, health, longevity and fulfillment is that YOU are unique. Not only are you unique, but you are also unique at different phases of your life. Comparing yourself as a baby to yourself as an adult makes this very clear but sometimes we don’t see those differences when we compare ourselves at 30, 40, 50 or 60.

Watch this interesting video that illustrates the beauty of being different.

We each have unique fingerprints, unique genetics and even more unique epigenetics. When a single eating approach or exercise program claims to be the “best” for everyone you can be absolutely confident that these assertions are wrong! Many things in life are likely to be beneficial for “most” people and possibly “most” of the time but getting the best combinations and quantities will always be unique for each person. The most important question becomes: What things are best for YOU, NOW?

As we move from stage to stage in our lives, strategies that have worked in the past may no longer work for us and things that did not work in the past may actually work for us now. It is extremely beneficial to view life as a ongoing experiment where we keep trying new things, hold on to the things that work and let go of the things that don’t work or no longer work for us.

At “More Years More Life” this is a foundation of our approach to working with you. We understand that you are unique and you are more unique at this time in your life. We walk with you through your ongoing experiments to find better and better approaches for your journey. Through these methods we help you get on a sustainable path to a permanently improved life. This will literally put more life in each year and more years in your life.