Do you have a plan for your health during your retirement? Ironically, most people will spend 10 times more effort planning their finances than planning their health for retirement. The money won’t be very meaningful if you can’t live a fulfilling life.

As you live your happiest, healthiest, longest and most fulfilled life, you are certain to have dramatically better quality of life with just a few months of planning, especially with a guide to help you think through and map out the best approaches for you.

  • What will your daily routine look like?
  • What will give you meaning and motivate you to get up every morning and replace some of the meaning that you previously derived from your work? Will you still work part time for fun and fulfillment?
  • Will you use your extra time to change your eating and exercise?
  • Who will be the most important people you spend time with each day?
  • What will daily leisure and “bucket list” leisure look like for you?
  • . . .

So much time (but surprisingly not as much as you might expect) and so many wonderful options to explore.

We have helped many people transform their satisfaction and readiness for retiring. Please contact us for a free consultation to explore what is possible for you.