If you invest the time in this activity it is quite likely it will literally be one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life.

FIRST – Think of someone (still living) that has had a particularly big impact in your life – family, friend, co-worker, teacher, etc.

NEXT – Sit down and write about “why” this person has had such a significant impact for you. Write very specific things about what they did and why it was so meaningful and how your life is different because they are part of your life.

FINALLY – Set up a time that you can go visit with this person one-on-one in a quiet and relaxed setting and read to them what you have written.

Very few people have had an experience like this on either end of the discussion. While gratitude is one of the most impactful character traits for our happiness, this particular idea will increase your happiness for many months. If you occasionally go back and re-read what you have written and remember the visit and how you both felt, this can continue to bring happiness and satisfaction for many years to come. For some people, this has been a transformational experience in their relationship with that person.

To get a feel for what this might look like, watch these two videos.

(about 7 minutes)
(about 9 minutes)