Discovery Questions

These questions are designed to be a starting point for helping you think about some of the most important aspects of putting more life into each of your years and also leading you to more years with greater fulfillment.


1 – What are some examples of things that are going well in your life now and examples of things that are headed in a good direction?

2 – What have been some of the most rewarding experiences of your life so far?

3 – What are some of your greatest hopes for the future?

4 – What would a perfect day look like for you?

Dimensions of Longevity

These 4 dimensions of longevity encompass the vast majority of factors that will contribute to your happier, healthier and longer life. While many different sources over decades of research and publication frame these in a variety of ways, our groupings here (and their definitions) capture over 95% of the major contributing factors.

MOVEMENT (including sleep)

5 – What things are you doing in your day to day activities that are positively contributing to your activity level? Do you consider your lifestyle more active, average or sedentary and why?

6 – What types of activities involving movement or exercise would you like to be doing more often or more regularly?

7 – Describe your sleep and how it is contributing to or taking away from your quality of life.

MINDSET (including purpose and stress)

8 – What do you feel are the most significant things that bring meaning to your life?

9 – On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 almost no stress to 10 very high stress) how would you characterize stress in your life currently? What leads you to select this number?

10 – Where do you fall on a continuum between optimistic and pessimistic? What are some examples of things that illustrate your answer?


11 – Do you consider your eating to be more healthy, average or unhealthy? Do you follow any specific eating approach?

12 – What is your Body Mass Index measurement currently? (Search: BMI calculator on the Internet)

13 – Would you like to make any significant changes to your eating habits? If so, what are some examples of things you would like to be doing differently?


14 – Describe your family relationships (including your spouse/partner or dating)

15 – Describe your relationships with friends, co-workers and neighbors.

16 – What groups are you actively a part of, including your work? Describe your participation and what you like or don’t like about your involvement with each group.